Owning a horse can be a thrilling new experience and Whatcombe prides its self on its ability to guide and communicate through the process. From purchasing, training, and racing.



Ownership Options


There are many options to be involved in owning a racehorse. Below are some of the variants that are available. Though anyone interested will have their needs met on an individual basis.

What are the different ownership types?

  • Sole ownership - For people who wish to own a horse outright.

  • Company – For organisations wishing to own a horse under the name of a company or business. 

  • Partnership - For two or more registered owners that wish to own a horse together. Partnerships are likely to comprise family or friends and allow owners to share in the responsibilities of racehorse ownership.

  • Syndicate – For a group of people coming together to own a horse, but who do not have to be sole owners in their own right. The ownership is managed and set up by a syndicator who is responsible for the syndicate. The syndicate can be formed as a result of a public offering and often comprises a larger number of people than a partnership. 

  • Racing Club – For a group of people coming together to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership. The club manager will be responsible for the racing club, but unlike in a syndicate, members of a racing club do not own the racehorses. Instead members are likely to pay a subscription in order to enjoy some of the benefits of racehorse ownership. 

  • Leasing -  involves ownership of a racehorse for a set period of time. Costs that the horse incurs become the responsibility of the lessee for the lease period and in return the horse will run under the ownership of the lessee. At the end of the lease agreement the ownership of the horse returns to the lessor/the legal owner.?It is important that an agreement is made between the lessor and lessee with regard to the lease period, prize money split, if any, and any exceptional costs that may remain the lessor’s during the period.